Educational Community

It is essential for “DISCOVERON | Industrial Tourism” to offer our educational and scientific community the opportunity to visit the facilities of Airbus San Pablo as it constantly stands out for innovating, specialising and for its technological advance.

These achievements would never be possible without the involvement of scientists, teachers, and students, for whom going deep into the technological projects and productive processes carried out in Airbus San Pablo and identifying with them is extremely important. It is a project in which several generations are and will be involved.

Inside the VISITOR CENTRE AIRBUS SAN PABLO there will be a variety of interactive and divulgative resources of great interest available for the educational community. We have also prepared different activities and tours specifically aimed for the different needs of the attendees from both the national and international educational community, adapting dynamics and contents to the visitors’ profile.

  • Especially aimed for:
    • Primary schools
    • Secondary Schools
    • Universities
    • Associations
    • Training and Investigation Centres
    • Courses, Masters, etc.